Helping landlords and tenants alike

Let’s face it good landlords and tenants are around.
Our Personal Touch
As an independent estate agent, we can offer you a personal service that’s hard to match as an established business with over 30 year’s experience in the South London property market based upon our local extensive knowledge.
We help landlords by offering a letting from very good research of applicants due to our skills and long term experience in the lettings property market.

Proposed tenants through us are now offered a free no fee payment
referencing service, which is subject to final landlord approval checks as shown under!

* Financial status evidence in line with appropriate referencing of applicants.
* Credit check/s * Criminal checks *immigration checks.
* Current bank account/s checks * Savings checks, where necessary.
* A five-week security deposit or an acceptable insurance scheme replacement is                obtained for our landlords underwritten within the UK legislation requirements
 * Landlord reference/s and guarantor/s will be obtained to insure payment of the rent on time or loss of rent insurance cover offered if you require it, subject to payment of a premium.

Other Fees To Tenants;
1) Tenant referencing fees are free.
2) Any alterations to A.S.T. agreements requested by the tenants may incur fees of £50.00 plus a VAT levy of £10.00 giving rise to a total amount of £60.00 payable.
3) Rent arrears will also be chargeable at £40.00 with V.A.T. £8.00, just  £48.00.
4) A refundable deposit (capped at 5 weeks rent for rents of less than £50,000 pa, or 6 weeks for rents of £50,000 pa or more) Or we can arrange a replacement Security Deposit Scheme if tenant/s prefer at an approximate equivalent cost of one weeks rent.
5) Any other changes to the tenancy requested by the tenant, early termination of the tenancy requested by the tenant, defaults by the tenant such as the loss of keys will charged according to the cost of replacement and a fee of £40.00 with V.A.T. £8.00, amounting to £48.00.
(Charges may be changed on a per property or per tenancy basis)

* Our letting valuation service is carried out in the most practical way reflecting the rental market trends and the availability of renters for the properties offered to us by landlords.
We will tell you honestly how to present your property to the market in the best possible way to achieve a letting, briefing you on all the improvements you need to carry out to your property to impress potential tenants and to achieve a bespoke tenancy.
* Our fees to landlords are based on the equivalent of a four week’s rent amount plus a VAT levy of 20% or around 6% of four week rent amount at the current time for our standard introductory tenant service.
* For our fee to landlords: We fully reference all proposed tenants from the age of eighteen years and over for employment, bursaries or grants, studies, landlord checks, credit checks, personal professional character checks, general money management checks, Government Right to Rent Checks covering immigration checks etc. and share this information with our landlords within the Data Protection Act Requirements
* Our standard introduced tenant only service is available for U.K based landlords are at a fee equivalent to four weeks rent charged plus a VAT levy of 20% or around 6% of the four week rent amount  at the current time.
Further an “automatic management service” is also provided at 2.5% plus a VAT levy of 20% or 6% based upon the annual rent collected and is automatically extended to all U.K. based landlords unless they confirm this service is not required in writing to our office.
This is an “automatic renewable management service”, which can be cancelled with only four weeks notice in writing to our offices.
* Landlords will have the benefit of our assistance 24/7 through our emailing and monitoring procedure keeping the tenancy at peek performance for all parties, landlords and their tenant’s alike. This would achieve a transparent and friendly system to achieve the best results for all parties. 
Our services to landlords and tenants remains competitive and efficient compared to many other property letting agents.
Further, please also note that all alterations to tenancies are charged at very competitive rates by us and quotes are always available upon email request/s etc. Fees apply only to the parties for whom the alteration service is provided as our golden rule!
For further information:
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