Selling your property

Face the “Market Swings” with our specialist valuation appraisal of your property, we can help you by getting you a sale now “and not at any price”
The potential buyers:
We market to all buyers on all styles of property emphasizing that the current market enjoys very low interest rates and presents to able buyers the best opportunity for many years to purchase a property providing the property is affordable according to their means.
We also confirm to all would be buyers that in times of shortages of properties that prices may increase because of demand on the more popular properties. We use our knowledge of past markets to illustrate the value of the long-term investment:
A three-bedroom, freehold, semi detached house in South London in 1972 would have sold for around £17,500.00, now it is worth in the region of £1,000,000.00, Terraced houses are from around £700,000.00 for different styles.
The market at the current time: Investor/s who were interested this year on particular property styles have already either purchased or are now chasing a diminishing property supply and their keenness to buy properties is still apparent. They know there are still bargains around!
Our valuation service: Is carried out in the most professional way reflecting property trends and the energy of buyers for the properties presented to us by our vendors/sellers.
We will tell you honestly how to present your property to the market for sale, the improvements you need to carry out, the correct price you should ask and the time the property is likely to take to sell.
Professional valuations for the following:
* Right to buy valuations
* Severance valuations
* Partner buy-outs
* Compensation awards
* Not selling this time:
Then a fee may be charged with a full refund of the fee granted upon a successful sale. Click here for a FREE valuation